"Ode To Amapola"
by George Canseco

Songs for Amapola
Are songs not merely for singing;
Of songs she was conceived, And
Unto songs she was born.
Amapola and songs are one,
For songs are her way of life
Her love...
...Her soul
...Her heart
...Her every season, every hour,
every moment.

Amapola rules over songs,
and songs over her.
And their kingdom sprawls
Along a world paved with notes
And lyrics;
A world full of splendour,
And love and pain and heartaches,
And joy and bliss and heaven;
Extending through the endlessness
of never and infinity.

How old is Amapola?
How old is a song?
How beautiful is Amapola?
How can one paint the beauty of
A song?
What kind of creature is Amapola?
Does anyone question the melodies
Songs are made of?
Who is Amapola?
Who made songs different
From poems?

As songs are a mystery to us,
So is Amapola.
As songs are a food fo the soul,
Appetising and enchanting to the ear,
So is Amapola - to the sight,
To the heart.
But, Amapola, you may say, is mortal,
And songs are not.
So many a great singer before her
Were also mortal,
And long they have gone. But,
Do we still give them a thought?
Hold their names within our hearts?
Love them? Revere them with
Immeasurable praises?

Amapola came to us with songs.
And as long as any of
The songs Amapola sings
Stays half-remembered,
Amapola, will never be half-forgotten.
Songs for Amapola
Are songs not merely for singing;
But for dedicating----
To you,
To me,
To us.

George Canseco
Copyright© 1970

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