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JANUARY 4, 2004

NEW IN HARDCOVER ... romantic novelist AMAPOLA's first successful print-on-demand novel, COMING HOME, available world-wide, takes us through Charity Ashlyn's story of triumph and a tribute to women who have suffered and survived. Book Description Little Charity Ashlyn is losing her home for the second time as her parents go through a messy divorce due to her father’s infidelity and gambling. The emotional turmoil from these early painful years leaves her with the inability to trust, and her relationship with her childhood sweetheart Michael finally fails. The ensuing years see Charity in a living nightmare, lurching from one disastrous relationship to another when an unexpected event promises to reverse her wheel of destiny. Will she have the courage to see it through?

(PRWEB) January 3 2004--
Early Reviews:

“I have read Amapola’s earlier stories and found them to be filled with great characters. Her warm and insightful perspective, plus her continual involvement with new and interesting people, made her stories interesting.”
—Hector Santos, Author,

“…your superb talent in singing and playing various musical instruments is in the same vein with your writing skills… genuinely warm and down to earth.”
—Catherine Canete Knight, Producer and Co-star of The Way of the Warrior 1982 BBC Documentary

“There are so many more interesting stories and facts in Amapola’s life and in her travels that truly belong in best seller books. When her books are published I urge you all to obtain your copies.”
—Jim Stoeber “The Most Interesting Life of Amapola,” Super Pinoy Times

“Twice I was honored to be the guest artist on her weekly TV show in San Francisco and now to add even more color to her already illustrious career, Amapola has written a wonderful love story that warmed my heart.”
—David de Alba, “David de Alba on Amapola”

“If this story doesn’t touch your heart then maybe you don’t have one.”
—Justo C. Justo, Asian TV host, Politician, Journalist

Amapola wrote "illicit" stories for paying schoolmates until one landed on Mother Superior's desk. The suspension that followed was Amapola's preview of the strong reactions her writing invoked. A professional singer at age five, film star at age eight, bandleader at nineteen and host of her own Bay Area TV shows for eight years, Amapola performed in concerts world-wide and onboard cruise liners where she met her British husband Stephen Woodward.